UX Leader and Mentor

John Francis Deyto

Ex LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Electronic Arts.
Faculty at CalTech and ArtCenter College.
5 utility patents in AI.

Over 16 years of design expertise. Led impactful teams focused on User Centeric Design, UX Research, Design Management across multiple technologies.

Korn Ferry

As Head of Design, I led design efforts in UX, Advertising, Branding, Research, and R&D. I secured 5 utility patents in AI for a mobile interview app that gives users feedback on clarity, emotional delivery, and presence.


I led UX design to engage audiences beyond their initial audience, Generation X. I crafted core experiences to make the platform relevant for Millennials and younger generations, who now make up 75% of LinkedIn's members.


As Head of Design, I designed and launched Quintrace, an innovative digital platform. The product traces, audits, and reports the hourly source of renewable power supply across the transmission grid. It matches each customer's energy demand and includes carbon impact from non-renewable sources.


As Sr. Art Director, I transitioned new branding and created a fresh experience for our Talent Acquisition brand. I also designed and launched a Yahoo! property within 90 days, earning several company design awards, including an Addy for Integrated Brand Experience.

Electronic Arts

As Director, User Experience, I was responsible for understanding and designing for Generation Z... How they connect with friends, gather information, and shape their online identity. My research inspired me to dive into understanding and designing for Generation Alpha.